Monday, April 03, 2006

Alicia Witt

I have long been wondering why Hollowood so severely under-uses so many of its young, talented, beautiful actresses.
For example Phoebe Cates. And for example all three young actresses in the nineties sitcom Step by Step. (One of those intellectuals love to hate, but I found it delightful and funny.)
And for example Alicia Witt. She is a world class talent, she's a redhead, she has a presence second to none, and you won't find a more beautiful woman, in my opionion. Yet she has basically been featured only in bit parts or small films. What a waste.
C'mon Hollywood, smell the coffee.


Anonymous said...

When you scan pictures, put a piece of black cardboard over the picture on the scanner flatbed. It cuts down the bleed-through from the text on the other side of the magazine page.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Good tip.
I got these on the web. Most scans on the web are really bad quality. A pity.

Wonko outside the asylum said...

Ahhh, Alicia Witt... I'm right behind you there Eolake! Beautiful young woman, very talented actress, and (from what I have read about her) a genuinely pleasant and interesting person. Heh, maybe that's the problem? ;o) It's such a shame so many talented people fail to get recognised. Perhaps as technology continues to improve and become cheaper we'll see a decline in the power of the studios and media?

ChadR said...

I just saw Alicia in the Upside of Anger. I thought she could have been utilized much more in that role.

Fiery redheads should not be muted by society.

Anonymous said...

I've read that Phoebe Cates has been "under-used" because she's home raising her and Kevin Kline's children.

Anonymous said...

Talk about underated talent look at the great pool of Canadian actors who choose NOT to go to Hollywood.
Only 3% of these make a living (ie: don't have to do other jobs, between gigs) doing what they love where they love to do it. By living I mean 30 to $60,000 CAD
per year. Enough to manage their mortgage, family and whatever else comes along, expenses.
Unfortunately if you've been to HW and had a top role then you can come back to Canada and demand way more than the local talent.
What a shame and what a waste

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

your statements on her could not be more true! She is a true beauty in a sea of fakes.

Anonymous said...

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