Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Airplane photos

Even though I consider warfare a ridiculous waste* of human imagination, sweat, and money, I nevertheless have to admire these cool photos by Joe McNally.
Here is the story of how they were made. The frontier of digital photography. (The camera was a Nikon D1x. That is now replaced with the D2x which has over twice the resolution.)

*Most people think so. Or do they? If they really did, would we still have war? I notice that most boys play war with relish, and most men love war movies, and a good fight. Is there a connection?

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Gen said...

"Is there a connection?"

Obviously, we have inherited a war gene.
The problem for further generations is to get rid of it (gene technique).
This is no longer a children's game when it comes to the misuse of nuclear power, or even less lethal toys for the boys.

* I'm worried.