Thursday, November 24, 2005


Have you seen you can make a personalized home page on Google now? It works brilliantly, for me better than RSS feeds (I never check those).
One of the things it showed me was this article:
Who's Afraid of Google? Everyone.
As soon as somebody gains power, the knee-jerk reaction of a big percentage of mankind is always fear.
As indicated by hundreds of things, amongst them, Google is a huge force for good on this planet. So it threatens some business interests, deal with it.
I'd like to publicly say Thank You to Sergey Brin and Larry Page for doing the brilliant work they are.


Zeppellina said...

I hadn`t heard of this, Eolake do you make a google homepage?

eolake said...

If you're in UK, just go to and click on the link that sez "customize" or words to that effect.