Thursday, November 24, 2005

"We like the Moon"

I just wanted to share a thing that has always put me in stitches whenever I see/hear it. The song/graphics "We Like The Moon" by the Spongemonkeys.
Warning: the song starts as soon as you click on the link, not work safe.

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At 25 Nov 2005, 21:56:00, Blogger alpha_ro_mel said...

Hello Eolake,
I have been following your blog (and with it your controversial yet phenomenal website) for quite sometime.Never commented before this because not much believer in wasting words in truant blackholes called repetition.
However my new posting is a bit 'supplementary' to your philosophy.So I would dare to request you to have a peek if you can manage despite your busy schedule.There is a poetry from the quitessential 'Bard of Bengal' Robindranath Thakur.I have tried to transcreate one of his beautiful lyrics.
A comment will be welcome Sir!



At 25 Nov 2005, 22:12:00, Blogger eolake said...

Nice. Though a bit over my head.

"Controversial"? I never (practically) hear anything bad.


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