Wednesday, May 04, 2016

New hoverboard record

OK, so this is all over the news, but it's kewl.
I think the video looks like science fiction.
It's actually a lot like the Green Goblin's foot-rocket-flier in the old Spiderman comics. It's surely fast enough, despite not having a back-pointed rocket like ol' green-face's device, it seems it can go 150km per hour! Dang, that's faster than I've ever gone in a car (and presumably faster than most people have gone, since I believe it's only in Germany you can go that fast on certain roads).
Article on the Verge.

The inventor/company says it can reach a height of over 3 kilometers. Personally I'd bring a parachute.


Russ said...

As a faithful viewer of Jonny Quest cartoons in the 60's, I was sure that the invention of the jet pack was just around the corner and I could ask Santa for one for Christmas. Fifty years later, the hoverboard (basically the same functionality as a jet pack) has arrived... what took it so long!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Indeed. And we don't even know when the commercial version will be here.

Same with flying cars, who knows when public versions will arrive.

But cell phones. Boom, they came and were everywhere.