Sunday, May 01, 2016

More on Frankenstein's Creature

Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe is in a movie called Victor Frankenstein. It's a surprisingly good movie. The story, you should know, is fresh, it's very different from the original story or any earlier movies. They have two monsters, the first one an early experiment with animal parts. (The man-monster I think is... pretty good. Reminds me as much of a golem as of the Karloff monster.)

I still think though that Boris Karloff's 'Creature' (as he called it himself, as the creature never had a name in the book) is outstanding, brilliant in the design and in execution. It's hard to imagine it being surpassed ever as an iconic monster design. The tragic ugliness so intense that it is beautiful. And that they did it so early in movie history is remarkable, it won't be long until the movie is a century old!

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Bruce W. said...

The original Frankenstein, as with many of the films of that era, did were examples of "doing more with less."