Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ministry: Every day is Halloween

Before Ministry became pioneers in the "industrial" super-hard sound rock, they had some softer, but equally great output. (The album "Twitch" being central. The "With Sympathy" album being more doubtful.)
The first one is a fan video, clearly. But the cartoon is funny.

An early live version? That's new. And I can't believe Al Jourgenson ever looked this young and innocent. Later he has taken care to scare children at a hundred feet, and surely succeeding. (I would say though that this version mainly has historical interest.)

I'd no idea Marilyn Manson has covered this one, kewl. It's actually a really great version, though not for the "faint of noise". But real big sound in the lower end.

To illustrate what I mean about Al's scary looks, here's a pretty recent photo: 

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