Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New "drone" flying car

If you can navigate your way between the hurrican of ads* that some sites now insist on, you can find a video here of a very kool new kind of air vehicle; basically it's like one of those small camera drones, blown up to two-man size.
Unlike a helicopter, which is very difficult to fly, this is not, it's basically self-flying. And it makes for less emissions, and I think, much less noise.


*I looked now for adblockers for iPad, and found I already had one, NeverAds, but it was turned off, possibly after last OS update. So I turned it on, and what a difference; that confusing and ugly web site is now simple and beautiful. 
What a refreshing experience to see the content without having to make several decisions about what text, pictures, and especially links, is content and which is advertising. (They're disguising it now in many subtle way, like making it hard to see immediately which is a "next page" link and which is a link to promotions.) 

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David Evans said...

This thing's "wing" span looks to be at least 40 feet. Lanes on the US interstate highways are 12 feet wide. This is not a flying car, which I understand to be a vehicle that can be driven on ordinary roads and also fly. It won't fit in most peoples' garage or parking place either.

Also, I see no evidence that it is more efficient than a small helicopter or autogiro. If it's easier to fly, that's because they have put more effort into the flight control software.