Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kinetic art par excellence

Short video selection of Anthony Howe's astounding kinetic art. I wish the resolution was higher, but still it's hypnotic. And amazing to think anybody building this.


Tommy said...

You wonder how this would be built. At times while watching, I'm wondering what I'm looking at. The illusion is wonderful. Thanks

By the way, on the top of your blog is the following quote:
"The way to happiness is to free yourself from hate."

Now that you've set this thought in motion, how do you accomplish this?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Setting the thought in motion is the very important first step.

It is not an easy road. Forgiving and letting go of judgement takes much more strength than to hate and take revenge.
Because when you stop seeing the guilt as being somebody else's, it has a tendency to swing back to yourself, and that's tough.

The idea is to learn, step by step, to take on the viewpoint that in God's eyes both yourself and others are *wholly* innocent.

One takes one step at a time.
And sometimes, some particular ones are "slow burners" and may take months or years to fully handle.

But it is worth it, for carrying hate is enormously unhealthy, it eats at one's happiness and one's health, and makes one age faster.

I recommend the book The Disappearance of The Universe by Gary Renard.

Tommy said...

Interesting. Do you think this would be a good book for the person that has a problem with organized religion? I believe that there is a spirit or higher power out there, but religions tend to have been created by man and therefore are not the "true" word of God (or whatever you choose to call this spirit).

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Good question there.
It has the oddity that it *sounds* very religious, very Christian, but it's actually not religious, it's metaphysical philosophy (although not "scientific" as such, it does not bother to prove much).

It is a challenge to read, not just because of many outrageous claims it makes (often most outrageous to Christians), but because it uses Christian terms all the time, but with radically different definitions of the terms!

I would say it takes a quite open mind to read it, and willingness to at least accept the *possibility* that there may be spirits, ascended masters, a God force outside time and space, and that we can become entirely spiritual ourselves with a lot of willingness and work.

I would add that most find it exceptionally entertaining for a book about so deep philosophical subjects.

I got it recommended by a customer of mine in 2006, and he said it was one of the most important spiritual books he had read, and I agree.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

There is an introduction here, and also a sizeable sample of the book:

Tommy said...

That'll be really helpful. I'll read it today. Thanks again.