Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beware of phishing

Beware of "phishing" (emails pretending to be from banks or other important sites, trying to trick you into writing in your login on what looks like the real deal, but is a fake site).

This one sounds good... "somebody sent me five grand!!? Gotta look at that," and you click on the link. (Don't click on links in suspicious mails, instead, go to your browser and go directly to Paypal or whatever. There you can see if there's any truth to whatever they claim.)

I spotted this because firstly it's unlikely, secondly it was not sent to my email address, thirdly, it did not have my name in the mail, just said "dear Customer". Yeah, right.

Even the link is disguised.  If one uses Apple Mail (or surely others too), hover the cursor over the link, and a popup will show you the address where the link really goes to. In this case something containing "sharefile" and "download". So it may be a link to a virus or such malware.

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Bru said...

Pep Boys is a catchy name for an auto parts store. I remember it from living in Los Angeles several decades ago. The logo was just as corny back then. Love the wikipedia entry: "No further changes were made to the logo until 1990, when Manny's cigar was removed."