Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sagrada Familia: Antoni Gaudi's unique vision

The video below contains more info and more pictorial details of the sculptures and architecture. (It's HD, full screen recommended.)

It is astonishing how one single man can be so so radically different from all his peers, and yet be so durn good, and even having many projects actually built! It's almost as if a musician came in and created music which was not at all based on the rules of tonal scales and rhytms we are used to, and yet became a hit (and yet never emulated).


When we were kids, us kids in our family would often amaze our parents with our knowledge of something or other, and they'd say: "Where did you hear about that?!"
The answer would often be "we read it in a comic book". (Usually the weekly Donald Duck. (Americans may not be aware, but Europeans (Italy and Denmark) have produced good (sometimes great) quality Disney books for over half a Century).)

I guess these days, the answer will often be: "I saw it on the Simpsons."

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