Thursday, April 16, 2015

Michelle Jenneke rocks (and sways)

I'm not a sports fan, but I'm a fan of Michelle Jenneke! What fitness, what grace and beauty, what joi de vivre!

Michelle professes confusion as to why her usual warmup routine would cause millions of people to tune in on youtoob to see her. But I'm not, she is simply attractive as hell, and attractiveness, well, attracts people!

It makes so much more sexy and interesting that she is not trying to be sexy or interesting.  The latter makes anybody seem a degree of scheming and self absorbed. 

And she's good too, winning everything. And it's easy to see how she takes the hurdles with such an effortlessness.


emptyspaces said...

It's always amazing, isn't it? By and large, women have no clue how men think (they say they do, but they do not fully get it). What's amazing is the way we think is so incredibly simple. I don't think women believe us when we try and tell them.

I think she looks prettier in her track & field getup. Part of the novelty is that her beauty stands out more on the athletic field, where nobody's trying to look pretty (and the bar is set a bit lower). Her cuteness comes across as fun-loving and innocent. With her hair blown out and the lame camera work, she looks like any other model would in that second video.

I know, I know...she's an athlete, a good one, not a sex symbol. She trains hard, competes hard, wants to prove herself aghainst the best, etc. But we men view every woman we see as a sex symbol. "The beauty of our plan is its simplicity," as Walter Sobchak said. But if anyone interviewed God, he'd have the same answer.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I agree, the habits and the rules of glamour photographers remove personality. I often see photos of actresses I really like, and don't recognise them they look like tourists another generic pretty girl.

And it makes so much more sexy and interesting that she is not trying to *be* sexy or interesting. The latter makes her scheming and self absorbed.

Ken said...

As an Australia, as she is, I'd heard of her, as she pushed our current champion hurdler at the Australian titles, but hadn't realised how good she looked. Plus she is a student in engineering at the University of Sydney, one of Australia's best. Anyway, I think her running is going to become more serious. She would be an outside chance of a medal in Brazil, depending on how much improvement she makes, and a possibility for gold at the Olympics after that.

Anonymous said...

You find tranny looking chicks sexy?

Anonymous said...

she is not trying to be sexy or interesting

Bullshit. She knows. I mean she also works as a model. She knows she's sexy and she knows she's being sexy in that video.