Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Even Russia has moral battles

My friend Igor in Russia, who has been an invaluable help during the years when I regularly did business with Russians whose English was limited to a Windoze translator app, sent me this, but I think I'd have heard about it sooner or later anyway, for it's going like a wildfire. It is an amateur video of a custumed group dance of young ladies who have taken the advice "shake your booty" literally.
If you are disturbed by seeing teens moving suggestively, don't wath the video here.
As usual, while I can understand the concerns (getting pregnant at 14 is no great fate, and if intimacy is forced it can be quite traumatic), I am a bit amazed at the sheer level of rabid hysteria which raises its head at anything mixing sensuality with anything under a specific arbitrary age, currently usually set at 18 in most countries.

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Anonymous said...

Windoze? Is this 1996?