Sunday, November 30, 2014

Talking Birds and Bees in a public place

One evening almost alone in the library, I was browsing, standing on the other side of the shelf from two young women. One of them, handsome brunette, was telling the other, pretty blonde and slightly younger, how high school  was generally fine but she was somehow was missing out on all that amazing sex that her friend apparently had in high school. She didn't say it in those words but it was clear what she was talking about. Her friend told her that with a little patience "it will happen for you too", and then she told about a couple of her own adventures, for example having sex during a party in the basement room with a window view open to public areas.

And then they suddenly got quiet, clearly realizing that they were themselves in a public area, and they walked out from behind the shelf and past me very demurely, suppressing giggles, and quickly got out of the library.

I mentioned them to the librarian in the next room, and she laughed and told me looking out the window, "they're still standing out there giggling".

I found this so funny and perfect, and almost like a scene out of a movie. 


Joe Dick said...

Brian Griffin, re: high school girls: "You know what the best thing about these girls is? Even if you're terrible they don't know the difference!"

Anonymous said...

I bet they're both virgins.

Todd Bridges said...

The ones who talk about it the most are those ain't getting it.