Monday, September 01, 2014

Canon 1200mm ‘Mother of All Telephoto Lenses’

Price: About $140,000. Used.

Article one, article two.

Downside (well, aside from price and bulk): no Image Stabilization. (May be why it's discontinued.) Canon's 800mm is far more portable, also has great reach, and has excellent IS. And costs about 1/10th, too.


TC [Girl] said...

Craziness!! The only time I would love a nutty lens like that would be to capture images of musicians on an outdoor stage, from a flat, down the street (where I could, hopefully, hear them), so I wouldn't have to be in the sea of concert goers! lol! :-P

Would be interesting to see how well it would do trying to capture a decent moon shot... :-D

Anonymous said...

tThat would be great for street photography!

Jenny Jones said...

Very unobtrusive!