Friday, March 07, 2014

Slastyonoff's "Two Oceans" film

Back in the nineties when Domai was a new site, Andrey Slastyonoff was one of the great finds for me. Not only did he have great models with exceptionally womanly figures, he also made very interesting, artistic photos which I was delighted to buy and present to my members, many of which became fans of his.

Some of the time since then, he has been busy with his own site, but I have kept buying from him from time to time.

Slastyonoff's latest project, in progress, is a lyrical nude art movie (not porn at all) called "Two Oceans", about the two "universes" of the ocean and woman meeting. I suggest you check it out, and if you like, support the project. (I have.)

Two Oceans home page.

Two Oceans Indiegogo page, where you can help.

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Rowland Scherman said...

I like the concept, and am glad to see another side of the gifted photographer Slastyonoff. He rarely disappointed.