Sunday, March 02, 2014

My Danish teen sex epiphany

My Danish teen sex epiphany, article.
Raised in America, I had never slept at a boyfriend’s place before. What would his parents think of me?  What would I say to them? I walked down the stairs with great trepidation, wondering if I should gather up my things and bolt. Even without articulating it to myself, my real fear was: Would they think I was a slut?
But Peter’s mother, Eva, greeted me at the bottom of the stairs with a huge smile. “Good morning!” she said. “Breakfast is almost ready. Do you prefer coffee or tea?” She was so sweet and warm and matter-of-fact that I wanted to cry with joy.


Anonymous said...

Did they then discuss the size of his dong and his pussy eating technique?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

They could have, Josie. But then, you wouldn't know, of course. It's not like YOU could've grown up with sensible parents, obviously.

Can't believe this most excellent post barely drew a single half-comment from a vagrant troll. Geez, as soon as I read it, I shared on the social networks the article the woman linked to, about how a truly loving father would ENCOURAGE his of-age young daughter to have as much pleasant sex as she can.

To contribute usefully to the topic, I'll just say this: people who seriously believe in a stern and sexually repressive patriarchal God have some major issues with their parents and their very conception of parental Love.
The only real problem with sex, is the same problem as with any other human activity: when there is absence of Love, of sincerity, and of wisdom. Only ignorance and selfishness can ever make sexual relations between consenting adults a bad thing. (In reasonable moderation, goes without saying.)
Note that this automatically encompasses the issue of adultery: betraying your spouse IS selfish. Therefore bad.
But a good moment between two unmarried persons, be they in love or even simply meeting fleetingly? F**k, why would it be wicked?
As long as they don't conceive children that would end up growing in a lack of parental care and love. Of course.

I stand by my creed: the only true sin is the absence of Love.

Just heard this on national TV's evening news: a fundamentalist predicator corrects the (rather unrealistic) promises typically made to kamikaze candidates. They're not to expect 70, 72 or 74 nymphomaniac everlasting virgins in Heaven, lord no!
His holey-ness said the actual figure was 19,600 of them!
(Honestly, how could I possibly be making this up? Too outrageous to be made up.)
This means it would take you about 50 years to even get close to... "consuming warmed up leftovers". :-P

Why mention those rabid psychos? Quite simply, because they incarnate the extremes of narrow-minded, ignorant, bigoted, sexual repressiveness. Think about it: the prospect of endless sexual availability makes them willing to commit the most awful atrocities against random innocents.

Compared to American uptightedness? It's just a matter of degree.

Make love, not war. Nuff sed.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Good for you.

Did he specify 20k virgins *per man*?! If so, I'd consider that rather, well, almost overwhelming.

If they are to go 'round, it may be a rather low number, considering the conflicts the Arabian worlds have been involved in for millennia!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Hah! Count on Eolake to spot the one flaw in an argument that's been convincing entire nations for centuries... nations that had their fair share of famoys thinkers, too! (Makes me happy you didn't pick up my challenge about the Big Bang theory.)

Butt speaking of big bang parties in the heavens...

The guy did say a bloke would have 20k distinct virgins to, ahem, service him... but mentioned nothing about any exclusivity clause, or about them staying idle and unemployed inbetween "shifts". It *would* seem like a very thoughtless waste of resources from Allah the Perfect the Infallible, PBUHN (peace be upon his name).

But do bear in mind, this isn't Norse mytholgy, and you ain't in Switzerland anymore: those virgins aren't the automatic reward on any fallen warrior "scimitar in hand", such an honor is only bestowed apron the martyrs who gave their life in holey wore.
So, don't count on it unless you've enjoyed the spontaneous and selfless services of a religious preacher assuring you that you ARE fighting for the Cause of Faith itself.
And, as we well know, such preachers are preciously rare in the world today. It's not like you can just walk into a random mosque and have one grab your arm/ear. 0:-)
Recruiting people through industrial-scale proselytism, that's just not their style.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I wonder, if there is a virgin you particularly like, is her virginhood restored the next time you get together?
If it's not, well that's almost like being married, and we have enough of that kind of thing 'round here!

Horatio Caine said...

about how a truly loving father would ENCOURAGE his of-age young daughter to have as much pleasant sex as she can.

A truly loving father would want his daughter to head down the road the leads to becoming a prostitute? What shithole part of the world do you live in?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe this most excellent post barely drew a single half-comment from a vagrant troll.

Maybe it's a hint most people don't agree with it? That really never occurred to you?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Houris are "everlasting virgins", meaning that they miraculously become virgins again after every time.
It's a common arab fantasy: "ripping" a virgin, mainly on your wedding night.
Also, I suppose houris are devoid of all those pesky annoyances that come with marriage... but then, so are most muslim women if they've been properly raised into complete submissiveness.

21st century joke: a reporter in Afghanistan notices that the women now walk 10 paces AHEAD of their husbands. He asks a man: "So, are your people getting more modern then?"
The Afghan replies: "No, it's because of all the mines."

Josie hinted:
"Maybe it's a hint most people don't agree with it?"

Naah! This is the internet. Disagreements automatically ignite barrage fires of flame wars!
"Qui ne dit mot consent": no objection implies approval.
(Pardon my french!)