Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Writing Spot updated

The web and hand-held-device writing app My Writing Spot (once called My Writing Nook, until B&N got proprietary about the word "Nook", which is idiotic, since nobody would confuse the the writing app with the ereader device) has had some nice updates to the web part, including: change of font and text size.

On a computer the lack of this feature was less important, but Safari on iPad/iPhone and the browser on Android can’t change text size. (Which by the way I consider a glaring and shameful flaw, since you need this feature more the smaller the screen is.)

There are many very good writing apps on iOS now, but My Writing Spot were the first and only one (apart from Pages) I found on Day One of the iPad era, so I still have a weak spot for it.  So far as I know, it's also the only one with a simple web browser interface included, so you can write on any web-enabled device or computer in the world, I think that's powerful. 

This is the web interface, but MWS also has dedicated apps for iOS and Android. 
It is text-only, no formatting. But I prefer that when I'm writing, and just to indicate the little formatting I need in Markdown, like one asterisk for italics and two for bold. 

MWS uses Google's authentication system to save the documents, so you need to have a google account (but not necessarily a Google email address). 


ttl said...

MWS uses Google Documents to save the documents, so you need to have a google email address.

There is no need to have a Gmail address in order to use Google Documents (or Google Drive, as it seems to be nowadays called).

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you.
I asked Peter for info, and he tells me:

"My Writing Spot uses Google's authentication system, so to log into My Writing Spot you need to have a Google account. This does not mean that you have to have a Gmail account, since you can sign up for a free Google account with any email address.

"Also, one other thing I noticed in your entry - My Writing Spot does not store its data within Google Documents. It is a completely separate system, and has its own data store that is not connected to Google Docs."

I'll update the post.