Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Josh Groban - "Vincent"

[Thanks to Signalroom, who heard this in concert recently]

This is very good. Though I feel he is almost too "fancy" a singer for this song, which I feel is basically a simple thing (though very good) like most things in Vincent's own life.

Original by Don Mclean:

Don by the way once said "Vincent" was the "undervalued little brother to Miss American Pie" or words to that effect.     :-)
To be fair, the songs are very different, and I am not surprised MAP is the more popular, it's a riveting song, and a dance song to boot, when done like it (I really like Madonna's version, which Don did also).


Laurie said...

Josh Groban had a great stage presence, he's fun, spontaneous, what a cute guy. The sound system in the Oslo Center on the other hand sucked, the electronic bass almost drowned out Groban's powerful voice. Also, he's doing some louder, rocker stuff than his earlier simpler re-makes. I preferred his oldies; Starry Starry Night almost made me cry, (and there was far less instrumentation, yeah!) and his You Raise Me Up at the end of the concert, as it always does, brought the crowd to an ovation.
Not that it means a hill of beans to many of you, but he's a Pisces guy, sensitive, romantic, and deeply intuitive in his musical interpretations.

In the quiet peaceful rumbling trainride back from Oslo, it was midnight, three young people got on and had their iPad so all could hear; breaking the sleepy Nordic night, a freaky South African band, Die Antwoord, playing Rich Bitch.

The hills are alive with the sound of music.


Eolake Stobblehouse said...