Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Focus, durnit!

Article about the limitations of phone cameras.

He is talking about it sort of from a web-journalist's point of view. And I think the new chimera of good cameras with small android tablets will be just the thing for that. They will be able to take pro-quality images and videos under most conditions, and can immediately process and post/send the results.

Something like the Sony RX100 (a shirt-pocket-sized camera with big results even in low light) with a bigger screen and Android (or even iOS, dare to dream) would be exceedingly useful for many.
(Not for me though, I should add. Well it might be, but I like the shirt-pocket size of the RX100, and I prefer to more carefully edit photos on a real computer before posting them.)


Bruce W. said...

I learned to take photos on a fixed focus twin lens reflex camera (no-name generic aka "Cheap"). Eventually, you learn to get good photos within the limits of your tool(s).

I think it is analogous to present cell phone cameras. I now carry a smartphone and am quite happy with the photos: yes, I can do better with a "real" camera, but I have the phone with me almost always, and not a camera. Also, if it looks like a camera, people react: they ignore a phone.

The key, as always, is to know and master the limits of the tool you have with you. Blaming the lack of a better tool (camera) says more about your skill than the quality of the tool.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Indeed. The article has some words about those upsides to phones.

John Krumm said...

I would not be surprised to see a full android version of a Samsung NX pretty soon...or a smaller, large sensor fixed lens version.