Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bike lanes led to 49% increase in retail sales

Bike lanes led to 49% increase in retail sales, post.

Also 35-58% decrease in injuries, but apparently that was less important.     :-)

When I moved from Denmark, where bikes are everywhere, to UK where you may not see one for days, it was a bitch because there are no bike lanes here. You have to fight for space with big metal beasties, and you're seriously out-gunned.

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Ken said...

Always a bad sign when someone uses the phrase "up to so many percent increase". So what was it. I feel a bit dubious about a figure where for every 2 walkers or drivers there is an additional cyclist. Or maybe they just made everyone aware of local shopping and more people stooped in on their way home. Until you get a reasonable sample and also identify why people are changing their habits it is hard to conclude anything.

Having lived in parts of suburbia where I was well away from shops and close where I could walk, I much prefer the walking, and I wish we could move closer to that environment. Although when I'm on holiday or at conferences and don't have a car it can be a real pain if I'm more than a km from shops.