Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Darwin revisited (ParaNorman)

If you were bigger and more stupid, you'd probably be a bully too. It's called 'survival of the thickest'. - ParaNorman

It is very interesting how, with this movie, they have merged CGI and computer production with stop-motion to hitherto undreamed-of levels. For example, with 3D printing making the faces, instead of perhaps 200 different facial expressions possible with usual face-exchange stop-motion, they can now have 200,000 different ones! (Don't ask me how they keep track of 200,000 slightly different puppet faces!)

Also with that technology, they get the same translucency as in real skin, instead of the dead surface of paint or clay. And they can bake in the color in the brand new Color 3D printers, so for example a character can have hundreds of subtle freckles, and they all stay in place through thousands of different facial expressions, which couldn't be done with painted faces, which was why in Coraline for example, the faces had very bland colors.

I really like the designs, the characters as well as the streets and buildings and all. There is not one straight line in the whole movie. Even when they show a web page, it's all crooked!

(I wish I could make my web browser look like this.)

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