Saturday, January 05, 2013

Durn gremlins

Durnit, a pipe in my bathroom just sprung a leak. How come something like this, at least to me, always happen late on a Friday? Do the plumbers' Union have a special deal  with the Household Gremlins' Association or what?


Alex said...

So? Shut off the supply, wrap some duck tape around it, turn on your water and call them out tomorrow at the low cost rate, not the premium emergency rate.

Alex said...

Just teasing. I know what you mean. We had a toilet flusher fail to work the evening before my sisters wedding, and right as the hardware store closed at 7pm.

Still, we managed a credible temporary fix that kept it going through the weekend. I never new a flush siphon had a diaphragm until I had to replace it.

TC [Girl] said...

Sorry to hear it; hope you were able to get it fixed, quickly. KWYM re: weekends, as well: if it can happen on a weekend, that's usually when it happens for me! :-/

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

One issue is that sometimes in this country you just can't get a plumber for love, money, gold, or girls. There's supposed to be unemployment, I don't know where there's a continued under-supply of plumbers.

Peter Bell said...


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

When I was living in France, I once left my apartment just after changing pants... and my keys were in the old one! After scouring the neighborhood for a keysmith (on a Sunday afternoon - of course), I found the simplest solution: used my knowledge of my own place's security weaknesses to break into it, from a neighboring (and deserted) car repair shop, and with some half-daring climbing.
I didn't even need to actually BREAK anything: the window didn't lock anyway.

Lucky it was on the first floor, and right next to the inner garden's wall.

Pity for the local economy, but it didn't cost me a thing. Not even in bail money! :-D