Monday, December 31, 2012

TV settings (and 3D)

It pays off to fiddle with the TV settings. I was wondering why the sharpening and contrast was suddenly way overdone. I looked at the Picture Settings, and for some reason, it had auto-selected a setting called "BD-wise" ("smart about Blu-ray Discs"?), which I'd not seen before, maybe the settings change according to which disc is in.
Most of the other settings looked equally horrible, (it probably had to do with this being from disc extras, filmed on ordinary video cameras) there was only one which looked much more soft and natural, called "movie". Lo this difference.
(The over-sharpening is more visible on the TV, the highlit hairs are really harsh.)

With "BD-wise" setting

With "movie" setting. (Both pics clickable.)

My new Samsung TV (3D) sadly doesn't have fine-tuning of all the separate options, unlike my older Sony.

BTW, it's a higher-end 3D TV model, active, high refresh rate, the glasses are light and don't bother me. Altogether quite nice, and so far I enjoy the experience on the few films I had with it. It's good fun.  I'm still not sure it adds anything really important though. But then again, it is pretty new (in the current incarnation), so maybe some interesting and inventive uses will develop with it as the years go by. Perhaps some uses which don't just use the two different views to replicate the third dimension...

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