Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gitchi Gitchi Goo forever

Phineas and Ferb wants to make a pop hit for their sister Candace to sing. They have the whole formula, including pretty meaningless lyrics, and of course it's a big hit.
And I like it.
"Gitchi gitchi goo means that I love you."

I also still like Candace's Party.
"Is that you, Mom? Sorry, I can't hear you over Candace's intimate get-together!"


TC [Girl] said...

Catchy tune, alright! Cute! :-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

These guys know their stuff. Every episode is "more of the same" yet manages to keep the formula ever so fresh and funny. And fun.

My own novels will have at least one new & original song in every book. I decided it long ago, a bit by chance, and then I thought "hey, with all the spoofs and nods I put in them, this one will be a reference to the Noddy books".
And also to the boys. But I seem to remember I have a more specific nod to them somewhere.

Ah well. Better first finish my daring post on the new Muhammad outrage. I bet it'll be very popular.
Especially in Pakistan!!! :-/

Among the joke cameos in my very first book: Donald Duck meets the A-team. No fib!