Friday, August 24, 2012

"Zooms vs. Primes, Part II"

Über-geek Ctein tests M4/3 lenses. Article.
Overall, this trashes most of the rules of thumb I'd use for picking a lens. Cheap lenses can be very good, kit zooms can be better than pricey primes, fast zooms can be great, and there's no way to predict without testing over what part of its focal length range a zoom will be especially good or bad.


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Ken said...

If there isn't much difference then you aren't going to see it in a photograph unless it is taken under optimum conditions, that is on a tripod and not much distance from the subject. Anyone who wants to take excellent photos will be more worried about the quality of the light than minor differences in the quality of the lenses. The professionals buy the top lenses, but lens price is only a small proportion of overall cost of doing business, and if that f2 lens gets a picture very occasionally that the f2.8 doesn't, then it is worth it.