Friday, August 10, 2012

Nikon launches affordable new travel zoom digicam

Nikon launches affordable new travel zoom digicam, article.
This is less for the enthusiast, and more for the leisure/travel photographer. But I think it looks nice, it's probably quite decent quality, and it has 14x zoom, good for the travel thingy. And it costs only around $250, very reasonable. We haven't seen tests yet, but it's probably a good choice for the casual photographer.


Marcelo Metayer said...

I don't understand. Canon has a similar (in shape and features) camera line, and never got this kind of hype. I have one of these, a Powershot SX130 and it's a really good camera.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh, probably several cameras from several different makers are about as good as this. I mentioned this one partly because I like how it looks, and I have a good feeling about it.

It's a very crowded market. And most of them are good. But it pays off to read a few reviews so one knows what one gets. (I like

Marcelo Metayer said...


Anyway, I think Nikon just copied the SX1xx line from Canon, as they did with the G series, being the P7000 almost identical to the Canon G12.

David Evans said...

I think running on 2 AAs is a really important feature, and I wish more cameras had it. My Panasonic TZ7 is a lovely camera, but when I take it on a long trip I have to pack a charger and a spare battery - which, I know to my cost, are easy to lose.