Monday, July 16, 2012

Results of photo contest Light From A Low Sun

Results of photo contest Light From A Low Sun.
It was a tough run, I don't think two judges out of ten would get the same results. Good show, folks!

First, here is a web gallery with winners, honorable mentions, plus finalists! (More pictures than you see on this page, all worth seeing in full size.)

[All images are clickable.]
Here are the honorable mentions:

Alan Dicker
The photograph is of three girls fishing on a jetty at Lake Illawarra as the sun sets.

Andreas Weber
A low sun doesn't necessarily mean late or early in the *day*. It was actually going on midday when I shot the sunlight just grazing a frozen lake - on the 30th of November. Taken at the "Bärenseen" (translates to "bear lakes") near Stuttgart in the Wild South of Germany - 48°45'42" N 9°5'25" E, on the 30.11.2010, 11:37 hours. Camera was a Nikon D3, lens the PC-E Micro Nikkor f:2.8/85 mm, tilted down approx. 2° to get the entire stretch of ice into focus.

Etienne Edberg
(Rolls of hay in plastic in Fyledalen in Southern Sweden.)

John Stephen
Photo taken at sunset, with the Pacific Ocean and the western horizon in view. Location: Canon Beach, OR USA. Objects in view: The rocks at left are called "The Needles." The rock at right is the 72 meter high "Haystack Rock", one of the largest free-standing monoliths in the world.

Oliver Georges
Taken in February 2012 over Germany from an airplane. The low sun is hidden by the end of the wing, allowing to see the sunset without flares.

Russell Scheid
This is Abiqua Falls located near Silverton, Oregon. The rays through the mist of the falls lasted for about 10 minutes and then they disappeared. It was a magical experience just to be there.

Steve Biederman
This is a shot of the Palouse Falls, located in Washington state in the US. An intense storm had been clearing and had some beautiful light on the cliffs at sunset. A 76 second exposure was used to give the water a soft look and create that swirl effect I wanted. Shot at F22 and a 8 stop ND filter.

Ian Roberts
The only storm in sight –came out of nowhere, but I was more taken by the way the setting sun cast light in amongst the thunderclouds.

Daniel Sainz
The twilight washing everything in red and ocre, while the pale full moon arises like falling from the edge of "El Morado" mountain.
Taken 20090706, 18:37 GMT-3; Ischigualasto Natural Park (30°S 68°W); San Juan, Argentina.

Joe Bradfield
I live just about 500 yards from where I took the picture. It was Jan. 9, in Minnesota. Normally there is 3 ft of ice on that lake. This year was bizarre (I rode my motorcycle around the lake Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve -- unheard of here!). 
Here is this man in a boat motoring around when I had gone out to take pictures of ice fishing tents in the late evening sun. Completely surprised me. And then the sun dropped behind the trees and turned the skyline into ... this.

Thorsten Kurz
Like me, they stopped by the roadside to take in the view of the sun breaking through the clouds after a heavy rain shower over Lake Geneva. There was Jazz music coming from their car, and together with the silhouettes of the both of them it all came together as a perfect moment.

Warren Steffey
Sunrise in Ocala FL USA.  When you own horses you get to see, and photograph, a lot of sunrises. 

And here are the three winners: 

Michael Heroux
A man at work harvesting a crop, in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. 
It is an image that took very little time to capture - perhaps 20 seconds, including bringing my car to a panic stop as soon as I saw what was transpiring, and then making three, quick, almost frantic, exposures, with at least some fingers crossed. Later, in the chemical and digital darkrooms, the extreme brightness range of the scene meant hours and hours  of meticulous adjustments to render the image as I remembered seeing it.

Tony Kelley
Sunrise taken at 30,000 feet over Kansas. Taken aboard Delta flight from Seattle, WA to Greenville.SC @ 6:21 AM.  We were just clearing the leading edge of a thunderstorm moving across Kansas. With out a doubt the cleanest window  I have ever had.

Jeff Ralph
It was taken from the Castlereagh Highway, a few km north of Ilford (NSW, Australia). Taken last Thursday 5/7/12, for this competition.
[Ilford is a famous English town and factory of BW photographic paper and film.]

(The winners have been notified, and the three $200 prizes are on the way.)
Here is a web gallery with winners, honorable mentions, plus finalists.


Michael Burton said...

Wow! Those are some beautiful photos!

TC [Girl] said...

Agreed! Sure makes for TOUGH judging, alright! Congratulations, all! :-)

Roger said...

What a beautiful collection of photographs!!

GregO73 said...

It would be great to know where each photo was taken.

p.s. The request to prove we are not robots is VERY difficult to read.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I know, we are all complaining about the "Captcha". I tried taking it off, but I got sooo many spam comments.


By the way, thanks to Tommy to suggest a new photo contest.

Anonymous said...

It is fucking fantastic! Love it.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Greg, good idea to include some info on each, hadn't occurred to me. I took what I got.

Gemma said...

Omg! Spectacular photos, very romantic!

Andreas Weber said...

Greg, my entry was taken at the "Bärenseen" (translates to "bear lakes") near Stuttgart in the Wild South of Germany - 48°45'42" N 9°5'25" E, on the 30 November 2010, 11:37 hours. Camera was a Nikon D3, lens the PC-E Micro Nikkor f:2.8/85 mm, tilted down approx. 2° to get the entire stretch of ice into focus.
(And yes, the Captcha has moved beyond ridiculous into the surreal ...)

Jes said...

Very very good. Andreas's is my favorite.

Andreas Weber said...

Thank you, Jes!

Tommy said...

"By the way, thanks to Tommy to suggest a new photo contest."

Well, I can't take the caliber of pictures for the contest, but at least I have a good idea once in a while, maybe..

And I sure enjly looking at the beauty and creativity of them all.

And now my attempt at proving I'm not a robot!! :-(

Todd McFarlan said...

Why would they wrap the hay in plastic? I mean, if they're worried about frost why not just take it in? I thought that was the purpose of silos. Well, I'm not a farmer...

Anonymous said...

The three winners prove more even than your own photos that you have no eye for this kind of thing. The third is especially bad - very bland and boring.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jes!

Before you get too excited, remember he is just a talking penis.

Jes said...
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Anonymous said...

Haha, STILL can't come up with anything new? Come on, dude, I know you've had time to think about it.

Oh, you know it's true. You've thought it yourself, and other people must have told you. I bet when you were in high school being told you looked like a penis was one of the milder insults.

Jes said...
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Jes said...
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Anonymous said...

This from a guy who in the past has actually admitted to being a basement dwelling loner (not a loner by choice, though). Thing is, see, people like you do get stuff like that said to them. Not by friends, because you don't have any, but by people yelling it at you on the street or as they drive by. On the rare occasions when you go outside.

The funniest thing about this is, you know I'm right but are desperate for other people to thing otherwise. Well, if you wanted that you shouldn't have put up a photo. You really are a special kind of stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way - in what universe would anyone consider you to be a grown man? In addition to looking like a penis, you have the body of a particularly scrawny, pre-teen boy. The only advantage to that is you can save money on clothes.

Jes said...
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Anonymous said...

And you managed to avoid everything I said about you in the previous comment, congratulations.

No, I didn't.

Yes, I'm a loner with a girlfriend and a band.

No, you're not. It's easy enough to say.

I very literally busted up laughing when I read that.

No, you didn't. I'm fairly confident that happens to you from time to time.

Is this something you've experienced, cause I've never seen anything remotely similar to that in real life.

Yes, you have.

You're calling me the loner, but then you act like you don't know how people behave in the real world.

I know how they behave toward people like you. I can remember giving many a swirlie to losers like you.

This is what I keep telling you, people don't actually act like that.

Sure they do. Not toward other normal people, but toward you.

You're not listening to me.

Oh, I've heard you, I just know you're full of shit.

I'm saying this stuff to help you, cause I'm curious if you're actually capable of having a normal conversation.

No, not really. You're saying it in the hope other people believe you. They don't.

You'll just ignore this and spit out a bunch more little kiddie insults cause you can't talk any other way.

Well, no, they aren't "kiddie insults" but congrats at succeeding with your own.

What do you care if I'm ugly and have no friends?

I just want you to admit it to the world. If you'd stop trying so hard, you'd actually look like less of a penis. For example, are you going bald? Is that why you shave your head? If it's "style," it's not working. If you are going bald, be a man and just be bald. It doesn't bother a lot of guys - if you want someone famous, Sean Connery. Lose the lame facial hair and sunglasses. Be yourself.

What do you care if Eolake's lazy or someone's taking some bad pictures?

Somewhat the same. He thinks he's a genius. He's not.

There's things going on in the world that are actually important you know.

If that mattered to anyone here, they wouldn't be here. It depends on how much of a "big picture" type you are. Take too big a picture, and nothing matters since the universe, it seems, will end in a Big Chill.

Now be a good boy and talk some more crap, cause I'm starting to think it's funny. :)

No, you don't think it's funny. I'm just telling you stuff you've heard all your life. I do find you amusing, though. You'd be an interesting case for a team of psychologists and neuroscientists studying the lifelong buildup against the crushing reality of your existence. You're good at pretending to be immune to any insult, no matter how close to home it hits, no matter how many times you've heard it.

Jes said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey look, I can do that, too.

Just not very well. Obviously.

I suspect that any time anyone says something to you you don't want to here, you pretend it's "kindergarten territory." The sign of a weak mind.

Since the rest of your pathetic reply is the same kind of avoidance bullshit, I won't reply to it and will wait and see if you ever want to come clean. I know you won't, as your whole life is based on avoidance (shaving your head rather than just being bald is only one example) and it would fall apart if you were ever honest with yourself or anyone else. You're quite pathetic.

Jes said...
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Joe said...

Loved the photos. There is something about looking through a camera that opens up the world in a different light.

We look at it but don't really see it.

Joe said...

When you wrap the hay. It can stay out in the weather without spoiling.
Saving space in the barn for other things.

Andreas Weber said...

Actually these airtight bales contain grass, not hay. It's silage without the silo.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

D'you know, I never thought about what a silo did.

I grew up in a small fishing village, though as much tourist town or suburb. Meaning I never acquired any city street smarts, nor any country wisdom.

Andreas Weber said...

If you'd do it with cabbage you'd get sauerkraut ;-)

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