Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Contest: Light from a low Sun

New photo contest:

"Light from a Low Sun" 

... Entry is now closed, sorry. 

I'm awarding three prizes of $200 each for what I judge to be the most interesting or pleasing photographs sent to me before the end (globally) of Sunday 15 July 2012.
  • Each author may send one (1) picture.
  • The picture may not previously have won prizes or have been published in a professional publication, on- or offline. 
  • The author's name must be in the file name. (Example: joe-blow-13.jpg)
  • No text added to the picture, please.
  • Shortest edge at least 1200 pixels, longest edge less than 3000 pixels.
  • JPG format, maximum file size: 2 megabytes.
  • Photos may be color or B/W. 
  • Judging is entirely subjective!

I acquire the rights to publish for free any entry here. Entrants keep all other rights.
I plan that in the last half of July, I will post several of the best entries, and the winners. I require a paypal address to pay to.

Send entries to my Gmail address, which is eolake. Or use the address here.
(I will give an email confirmation when I get your entry.)

I hope I will get at least as many photos looking at what the sun shines at when low in the sky as I get photos of sunsets and sunrises!    :-)  (Those are always pretty, but it's hard to do fresh work with them.)

(Note: this contest does not have anything to do with my other site, and is not intended for nudes.)


Alex said...

Oooh, a challenge. I like a challenge.

Now I need inspiration. I love shooting at the end of the day, nice low light, warmer colors and enhanced texture. There are places I particularly like to shoot, but sometimes that evening fog denies us the crisp edges. I hope I get a sunset shoot in before the 15, otherwise I may have to pull an old favorite out of storage, or maybe re-examine some taken recently and hurriedly when the sun melted into the ocean (don't worry I was looking the other way).

Tom Strong said...

No nudes? Damn. I was going to do a beautiful shot of Mt. Cockmore at sunset.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I think this is gonna be a very good contest, I already have nice pictures coming in.

Poor it on, guys.

Michael Burton said...

Poor it on? Okay...

I'll have to send a drawing, since I'm too poor to own a camera.

Ted Moseby said...

I think I need to go to the hospital. I think my sides just split.

Michael Burton said...

I knew I was hilarious, but I didn't think I would endanger the public health...

Sorry, Ted.

Alex said...

Got some cool shots this weekend, but they were all between 10am and 6 pm. No low sun that time, and for a chunk, no sun, just fog.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well, there has to be some low sunlight.

Thomas said...

Is it okay to retouch/fix a photo before submitting it?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Sure, anything you'd normally do to optimize a photo.

Alex said...

Dang, one sunset left, and I can't get out with a camera today.

I'm not going to submit this one. It's a 4x6 print and low res scan, needs some tidy up, but here for some fun and inspiration.