Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Export looks to camera

RED has an interesting invention (video here), you film a little clip, take the memory card to your computer, and invent the "look" that you want, tones, colors and the like, then you save it and select it in the camera, and now the camera will film in that look! (It can be negated later, since it shoots Raw.)

I think it is cool. Not only does it save you from applying some settings to many clips later, but I'll bet it also helps the creative juices that you are getting the look you want right in the camera, whether it's dry, hot, desert tones, or dramatic film-noir high contrast, or softed romance tones, or whatnot. I'm sure it'll make it easier to get the feel for whether your film will work. And to judge how your visual look will do your work for you, so you can see how much more you need to do with the acting etc.

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