Saturday, December 03, 2011

"Let us take higher"

[Thanks to Igor]

... I see this and think "OMG!"
But then I realize I can't take a walk through my town without passing at least five establishments, "bars", peddling legally a substance at least as damaging as hashish. I wonder if alcohol will ever go the way of opium and hashish, and the way tobacco seems to be going?

Not that I'm preaching for or against anything. I take a little liqueur on my icecream, but if I take enough to get drunk, I get a headache, so that's as much the reason I don't drink as the lives it has ruined in my family.

Any addiction (and pretty much any activity can become an addiction) can be damaging if overdone. I don't think we have a good solution to addictions, because that would demand that we cure the psychological reasons people get them in the first place, and those go deep. But maybe the best one is general legalization and broad education.


Anonymous said...

Love your comment on alcohol consumption ... you're in my league. While I enjoy an occasional cocktail, a "jug" of Jack Daniels lasts me a year, and I wish my brother would visit more often because he loves two cans of beer in an afternoon ... the other four cans of the six-pack get tossed after a few months. I, too, hate the headaches, and fortunately I don't have heartaches so don't need too much bubbly. Anyone for a glass of orange juice?

Unknown said...

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