Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pelpina and batmanning

I love Dutch web shot hostess Pelpina. One guess why. That's right, it's because she likes technology like I do.


TC [Girl] said...

Cali Lewis got added to the "fail" pile, huh?! ;-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I don't think so, how's that?

I just watched her latest show, always good.

To be honest, I love Pelpina more than the content of her show, web sites interest me less than technology as such.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"I don't think so, how's that?"

Just that they are from the same show and...your blogs used to be ALL about Cali. :-)

"I just watched her latest show, always good."

Good onya! :o)

"To be honest, I love Pelpina more than the content of her show, web sites interest me less than technology as such."

I see. :-)

That "batmanning" thing is quite funny! Sure wouldn't want to run into one! Not at night, anyway! I don't do so well w/being startled @ night!

A couple of nights, last week, I had the FEAKIEST nights I've ever had out here in da woods: I had a bat flying around in the fricken living room! Nearly scared the YKW outta me! Happened 2 nights in a row, when I went to let the dogs out. It was decided that it(?) must have been "hanging around" in the chimney and...when I opened the door, it decided that it wanted out but had quite a time of trying to figure out where the heck the door exactly was (blind and all, I'm presuming!)! There's me, huddled in the corner of the entryway, ready to SLAM the door SHUT as SOON as the little bugger flew out! They fly VERY FAST and...the first night, he got outside but...just as quickly came back in the house, for another "spin" around the living room; me, again, huddled in the corner, holding onto the door knob for dear life, praying that it would LEAVE so I didn't have to sit up, all night, wondering how I was going to get it out! :-/

Since then, I discovered the iron "curtains" of the fireplace were open so I slid those shut and stuffed another opening w/a cloth and...I haven't had another "visit," since, so...I'm pretty sure the bat had come from there! (shivers!)

WEIRD! They don't bug me to see them flying...outside, but...having them in my living room, in the middle of the night, is a whole other matter! :-/

Anonymous said...

I would never have guessed she was Dutch.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I know! That's why I wrote it.
Of course her ancestry/genes beyond that is anybody's guess.