Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone 4S photo samples

iPhone 4S photo samples. (Well down on the page, full-sized samples available.)
Since the predecessor already had an excellent camera, it's not surprising that this one is even better (higher resolution and supposedly better low-light capacity).
I'd say it can easily replace compact cameras for most people's use. Especially now that with iOS 5 you don't have to log into you phone to take a picture.

By the way, TidBITS has a great summary article of various reviews of the iPhone 4S.

In the other end of the scale, Canon has announced a new flagship camera, the 1DX. What's amazing is that they actually listened to my prayers (sort of), and kept it to 18MP! Well done Canon. I'll bet it can shoot black grizzly bears fight in a cellar at night. 

... Now to see what the 5D mark III will be like. 


Ken said...

I would be surprised if the new iPhone camera is effectively better than the previous. 6mp was already overkill for the size of sensor. It would surprise most people that quality 6mp cameras could make quality A3+ prints I went to the wildlife photographer of the year a few years back and was amazed at what they could do.

I expect about an A2 is the limit for an APS-C sensor. I might try printing a half frame crop and see how it goes.

Current low light performance of cameras is just brilliant.

TC [Girl] said...

Beautiful shots! I'm trying - VERY HARD - NOT to "lust" after this thing! :-/