Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Rob Liefeld sucks"

The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings
Thanks to Pascal, here is a long and funny rant about a guy many considers extremely overrated. It has lots of examples and explanations why the drawings suck.
I think everyone needs to realize that Rob Liefeld was THE MOST POPULAR COMIC BOOK ARTIST IN THE WORLD at the time.  His comics sold millions of copies.  He starred in a Levi’s commercial that was ABOUT HIM.  AND THIS IS WHAT HIS ART LOOKED LIKE.  HE MADE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THIS

Yep, the world is not fair, it seems.

Admittedly the author seems excessively upset, and arguably the article is not better written than Liefeld's drawings are drawn. But it's funny I think.

By the way, I wouldn't really blame Rob Liefeld. Let's be honest, if the market wants to grossly over-pay you, how many of us will say no, on the grounds that we are undeserving?
(And if that's not a straight line for dear Anon to hack away at me over, I never wrote one.)


Dave Nielsen said...

Yet another example of failing upward. It seems like a lot of times it's bad to be good at your job. Take Seth McFarlane - trained as an animator but couldn't draw well enough to get hired by Disney which had been his dream at the time. His crudely animated Life of Larry got him Family Guy which is written largely by other people and animated by people who are just too good at being animators (and by a lot of people in Korea too).

It's no sweat off my dick, but I bet a lot of his classmates are bitter about it. Especially if any of them work for him.

Same with Rob Liefeld and others of his ilk - like Todd McFarlane who is I bet even more famous at one time. He made enough dough to spend a million dollars on a baseball.

eolake said...

And they are all dicks. I think this is related to self-confidence being much more important for success than skills.

Jes said...

Pretty funny, but I also think kinda douchey. I have to wonder why this dude spent so much time reading Rob's comics if he hates him that much. It seems like he's spent A LOT of long years studying his work just to complain about it. Is his fame and wealth really that important?

eolake said...

Yes, admittedly this guy's ire goes well beyond what's healthy. Let's hope for his sake that making this article deflated it somewhat.

Dave Nielsen said...

but I also think kinda douchey.

Not really. I'd say it's really douchey this guy made millions of dollars when so many infinitely more talented people can't even break in. And he made millions because a lot of people must have thought he was talented - which is mind boggling. Although making that website would be a lot of work for me, someone who knows how to do that shit could probably bang it out in not too much time.

eolake said...

All relative. Finding and selecting the panels, scanning and cropping them, writing the text, formatting the page with images... Should be most of a day's work there I'd guess. Whatever that means.

Dave Nielsen said...

In the end it's pointless anyway because fans of Liefeld won't listen and all that's left is preaching to the choir.

eolake said...

Well, sure. But it's not interesting to convert anybody.
I just find it interesting to see such a perfect example of the success of poor taste. :-)

eolake said...

I meant "it's not *necessary* to convert anybody". Whether it's interesting or not is debatable too, but not what I had in mind here. :-)

Jes said...

I've just always found this attitude kind of annoying. I love music, but every time I hear someone whine about Justin Bieber(or as I like to call him, Random Famous Guy), I feel like punching them. It's like, who cares? Famous people are just people. Rich people are just people. I don't see them as being much different from me, they just have different crap to deal with. I just think it'd be better if people would concentrate on their own work instead of complaining about others all the time.

But like I said, the dude is funny, and that goes a long way in making up for it.

eolake said...

Yup, well said.

Dave Nielsen said...
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andrea sfiligoi said...

Well, I knew the site and I kinda agree with the poster. Rob Liefeld was the only reason in the 90's that made me write a flame letter to a publisher. I was not annoyed by Rob making money, I was annoyed at him taking the space that many more valuable artists could have taken. I guess it is the same in every field but at the time I was really caring about comics.
BTW, Rob's art and storytelling is less sucky today. I also think he lost lots of the money he made.

Funnily enough the captcha is a comic booky WHOOMM

eolake said...

Hah, good one.

... It's surprisingly hard to hold onto money once you've made them. Unless you're a sort of hard-minded and very careful kind of person, they will find a way to go away, in bad investments, or big houses, cars, and parties.

Anonymous said...

I just think it'd be better if people would concentrate on their own work instead of complaining about others all the time.

I can't believe you're using the "can't we all just get along" schtick. Pretty lame, dude, even for you.

If you had any talent for anything you might, just might resent someone with no or little talent making it big.