Saturday, July 09, 2011

Was the Space Shuttle Just a Science-less Cold War Weapon?


Bruce W. said...

Maybe, but he was specifically referring to the space station, not the just ended space shuttle program.

I do agree with his basic point that manned space flight was motivated as much or more by "politics" and "national pride" than by science and exploration.

Ray said...

I posted a photo of the final take-off of the shuttle on my blog
and the reaction to it was negative.

As I pointed out in the blog, they spent 30 years contributing to the fantasy that man would one day fly his magical craft among the stars, and that simply isn't going to happen because the distances are so great that even at the speed of light it would be very difficult. And the speed of light requires an infinite source of energy, which we do not have and will never get, so that whole thing is pure science fiction. Here we are, and here we stay. Welcome to Outer Space, Kiddies...