Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why you need math even if you "never need it"

An interesting and fun little interview (needs Flash) (or QuickTime for audio version) about why math and such is important for a nation and even an individual.

Man, many web sites are getting code-heavy. I doubt the page linked to above would ever load over a modem connection, much less play the video any time soon. Note to web designers: a little study of Jakob Nielsen won't hurt you. For instance he says: a load/reaction time of 1/10th of a second feels instant to the user. Under one second is good. Over ten seconds is not acceptable to most users.


Philocalist said...

I wonder whether or not it's coincidence that every person I've met who argued against the need for an understading of maths was a complete stranger to the subject?

neeraj said...

In my opinion, math is the score of cosmic music - listen to it.

eolake said...

I'd thought the same thing, but then I had to admit that things like Integral and differential calculus has taught me ways to think which have been helpful in understanding the universe.

Todd Bridges said...

In my opinion, math is the score of cosmic music - listen to it.

Absolutely. I scratch built a cosmic music box once.

Eolake, who are you kidding? Calculus would be way beyond you. You're the (less attractive) Joey Tribiani around here.

neeraj said...

For me, it WAS helpful in that way - I think it depends very much on the teachers to provoke within their students the joy of creative thinking and the understanding of math as a creative art ... and, of course, it is a very practical tool to describe how the world is presented to the human sensory equipment.

AND it can build a very precise bridge into something which cannot be said, like poetry. At least in my experience. But yes, it may take some time to learn how to play with the mathematical tools.

People are very different - for somebody else there might be other and easier doors of understanding.