Thursday, May 05, 2011

A grey alien filmed?

Here's a video allegedly of a grey alien from half a century ago. I think if it's a fake, it's surprisingly well done, the movement of the head, the muscles and so on, would be very hard to do.

Nobody has given me any strong reasons to believe in aliens, but nobody has either given me strong reasons to believe that we are alone in the whole huge universe, it just seems ludicrous.

As to why we are not visited much... well, you know those really bad neighborhoods in really bad cities where nobody from outside comes, not even the police, because everybody has guns and are on drugs and suspects everybody? Well, think about that in a galactic context. If there are civilized worlds in the galaxy, who would select to come here?


TC [Girl] said...

CREEPY! Especially the eye blinks! [shudder]

Kent McManigal said...

Of course, I think it is just as egocentric to believe humans are "the worst" as to think we are the pinnacle of evolution. I'd bet many of the same traits that predispose us to drug use and violence also drive our explorer spirit that will one day take us to the stars.

Anonymous said...

"Here's a alleged video of a grey alien"


"Here's a video of an alleged grey alien"

Jes said...


"Grey alien a video here's alleged of."

TC [Girl] said...

LOL! Jes! :-D

Lemme have a shot at it, too (and why the heck are there both "grey" and "gray," I wonder! Blogger seems to prefer the "a," version! :-)

[ahem] "This just in:

A purported reel-to-reel recording has surfaced revealing what appears to be the documentation of a gray Alien." :-)

Miserere said...

It's a fake. Nicely made; you can tell a lot of time went into it, but it's not 100% there.

* Movement of the creature is not realistic; it looks computerised.
* B&W film wouldn't look as bad as this this.
* Blinking eyelids don't appear to go all the way over the eyes. There is no biological point to blinking unless the eyelid(s) cover the whole eye.
* I'm not a font expert, but the numbers used for the clock seem too modern.

If a real film is ever found, we'll know it's real; there's won't be any head-scratching about it.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

The fact that we haven't been visited yet is irrefutable proof that there's INTELLIGENT life out there. :-P

"All your alien gray are belong to film." (© No-Intent-Dork)

@ Miserere:
I've seen many authentic alien films when I was a kid. They were released by Assange's predecessors: Henson, Spielberg & Disney. (^_^)

STF, captcha, I'm SO not digging myself into a "dip hol" like you claim! Also, learn to spell.