Saturday, May 07, 2011

Beautiful girls

So I've finished re-watching Beautiful girls, and once again it strikes me how many men lose all sense in the presence of hint of kitty. So many times a man has a beautiful, competent, and faithful wife, and yet he will readily cheat on her with some random uninteresting slut he meets somewhere. In other words, he'll readily risk everything for a night of drunken, shameful, fumbling sex.  It just doesn't make sense. Sex is good, but it's not  *that* good. Have some dignity. Have some sense.

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Miserere said...

Welcome to reproductive biology in action, E.

Anyone who tells you humans are monogamous is wearing some serious blinkers. Nevertheless, let's all pretend to follow some random societal rules that have little to do with our primal biological instincts--surely we'll be happy that way.