Friday, April 01, 2011


Does anybody have any solid data about just how careful one should be about taking the tape off cardboard boxes for the recycle bin? Some of them can have quite a lot of tape on.


AnotherAnonymous said...

Are you REALLY struggling so badly for something; ANYTHING to post on here?
It's worse than those twats on Twitter and their inane babble!

eolake said...

I am so dang flattered that you keep hanging around, and contributing, thanks dude. I mean it too.

AnotherAnonymous said...

Someone has to, or you'd be ignored completely:-|
Glad I can help.
I mean it too, honest!

DaveP said...

I figure some bored guy in the recycling plant. Any tape, dump it since it won't break down.
5 mins to get the tape off... unless you're buying too much!

ps, Ignore anon responses, they have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Dave, your schedule must be wide open if you're bothering to reply to a thread like this...or even reading a blog in the first place. Even if it only takes second, those valuable seconds could be better spent toward finishing your Grand Unified Theory or curing cancer.

Scott said...

First rule of the internets,Dont feed the trolls.

eolake said...

Thanks, Dave.

For a while I didn't bother separate. But if one goes at it, it only does take a couple of minutes to take off the tape and shipping plastic envelopes, so, it all helps to feel virtuous.

Anonymous said...

In the recycling process for paper/cardboard materials, the paper is reduced to pulp and extraneous materials, such as plastic tapes, are screened out. Ignofre them.

eolake said...

I thought the cardboard would be shredded finely, and the tape shredded with it? Granted, I don't know how paper is pulped.