Sunday, March 27, 2011

A writer's cottage

Talking about woods cottages, TCGirl found this video. The cottage is really cool. Although I think I'd go batshit trying to live off-grid.


AnotherAnonymous said...

'I think I'd go batshit trying to live off-grid'

You already live off-grid by any 'normal' standards.
A loner. Late middle-aged and no girlfiend or wife, I assume no boyfriend, but I'm not judging (or asking). Not even a pet for company.
No social life at all, little or no contact face to face with anyone and no 'friends' beyond the sycophants found on this blog, and elsewhere online.
TC Girl, where ARE you when needed?

Take away your internet connection and you would be a reclusive hermit, with nothing more than your 'toys' for company.
Get that shed in the woods - at least that way you could isolate yourself completely from humanity and stop boring the shit out of everyone with your arrogance and erroneously high self-esteem.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Mmm, I dunno, if I move too far out, I won't get the pleasure of screaming "get off my lawn!!" at the local kids.

Anonymous said...

You don't have a lawn

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

^ Are you kidding, Fuzzy Lumpkins? Eolake is ALL "a lawn"!
Take away (after ordering it ;-) ANYONE's main/fave social communications means (car keys, telephone, Sunday church, broadband MMORPG, cult meetings...), and you'll immediately have a sad, bitter recluse venting off through internet rulz #3 to 14, 31 to 40, 47, and 58 (google them). Amen, Moses.

At least, Eo has always lived by Rule 30 : "Tits or GTFO mah property!"

But maybe you're simply jealous because TC's 63 is epically successful while U FAIL @ 27?)

U haz just bin trolld by a pro. ZOMG, PWNED!

"So, once again, the day is saved.
Thanks to... the Powerpuff Referent!" (^_^)

P.S.: AA, your domain site's expired. I'm *SO* buying it right under your snotty nose. }:-)
Tremble before the redundant syntax of the sinister simian, the volcano-dwelling vicious destroyer, the hairy h8er, the heinous hermit, the indomitable influence, the troll of trolls... MOJO JOJO! (|||8-(