Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Quaint animation (Updated)

Tommy also found this wonderfully quirky animated short, Lost Things.
(Update; dang, that seems to have been pulled for copyright reasons.)

Well, I found a page and and a trailer:


Anonymous said...

Been bombed off the site already, link no good

eolake said...

When I viewed it, it didn't work if I tried to view it on youtube, but if I stayed on Tommy's blog, it did work, oddly.

Anonymous said...

Likely it was still held as a file on the server used by Tommy, until the content on that was refreshed, and therefore subsequently lost the file as iyt was no longer available at Youtube?

eolake said...

You must be right.

Found this:


Tommy said...

Interesting, I just checked and it is still on my blog. Don't quite understand it, but if anyone would like to view it (it is good), Click Here