Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretty eyes

I had a realization: pretty eyes are open eyes.
Not just that they are not closed... but if you notice, most people's eyelids cover a lot of the iris. With eyes that we consider beautiful, that's usually not the case, almost all of the iris is visible. It creates an impression of awareness, and a more aesthetic shape of the eye, I think.
This of course is very different from eyes which are more open than their relaxed state, such as in fear, I'm talking about the relaxed, natural state.

Update, a helpful anon found this video:


Tommy said...

Ph EO, the eyes have it. :-)

I agree with you on this point.

Tommy said...

OOPS, I meant to type "Oh EO, the eyes...."

Anonymous said...

I recently came to the same conclusion when I saw this woman singing:

Tommy said...

Nice video. It's nice to see that group do something other than a Christmas commercial. I got SO tired of them on the, I think it was a Nissian, car commercial.

Peter Nashground said...

:D good video!