Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jonathan Ive profile

How did a British polytechnic graduate become the design genius behind £200billion Apple?, profile of designer Jonathan Ive. (Thanks to MacObserver.)


Anonymous said...

Brains, talent, and luck. They always focus on the wrong things in these profiles. It's like saying that it's a good thing,a good career move, to drop out of college or high school because Bill Gates and Quentin Tarantino did that. For most people that would just result in them working a menial job or living on the streets.

Bronislaus Janulis said...

Drive, too.

Jonny Ive and Steve are very impressive. After the Mac itself, the candy colored iMacs are important, as they altered the way we think of computing. The iPod and iPhone are uber refinements of existing tecnology; and now we have what may be another "revolutionary" devivce, the iPads. I think one of Steve's strengths, is in spite of a dominating and aggresive personality, he can let a Jonny Ive "run free".


TC [Girl] said...

Did you hear? Jony Ives has just been Knighted!