Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Grips for iPad

Really, this is a great idea!
Not just for kids either. Me, I'm no more clumsy than average, I have never dropped my iPad. But you always feel that you have to be so careful with a thing like that! Which of course just adds to the general tension and stress that many of us have in the modern world. I bet that with the Big Grip on, your grip is much more secure, easy to hold, and it protects the iPad very well too.

(I'm getting their stand also.) 
You can get it in bright colors also. But I'm very happy they made a nice grey one so adults ain't blinded.
A version for iPad 2 is coming soon. But I wonder if this one won't work, perhaps with a bit of cope, the only difference is that the iPad 2 is a bit thinner after all.
Big Grips home page


Bronislaus Janulis said...

Well, personally, this negates one of the delights of these devices; their small, slenderness. If I wanted a bulbous blob of fat, I'd just get a laptop, a PC laptop.

eolake said...

Point taken, but in that case you'd have something which is not only bulky, but also heavy, fragile and unwieldy, which is not the case here. These keep the iPad light-weight, they make it much less vulnerable, and easier to hold (and it's already much easier to hold than a laptop).

Paul Bradforth said...

"Really, this is a great idea!"
Eolake, I don't know how you can say that—this is the very opposite of what the iPad is all about; it looks as though someone has laid a hot iPad on a bed of wine gums and let it sink in a bit. Rarely have I seen anything so disgusting!

eolake said...

Sure, they could be *prettier*, but that hardly of essence.

oliver goldsmith said...

Well, Bron, if you weren't an idiot you'd just get a laptop anyway. Only slightly bigger and heavier with much more memory, a keyboard, longer battery life. Basically if I'm going to carry around something the size of an ipad it might as well be a laptop. Sort of the way that PDAs gave way to smartphones. The ipad is a fad which appeals to those with money but few brain cells. Its time will pass. Go back to making your little picture frames.