Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The old is new again

[Thanks to Drew.]

Irina Werning has photographed people like they were in photos many years ago.
We've seen similar projects, but I have never seen this attention to detail! Impressive. That is very difficult to do.

Even down to the expressions! Look at this: 

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At 16 Feb 2011, 17:20:00, Anonymous Anna said...

love it

At 17 Feb 2011, 10:45:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"Even down to the expressions!..."

Yes! AMAZING! The thing that I was really intrigued by, as well, were the clothes, shoes, and props (pen; sunglasses, etc.) Man! "Obsessive" is RIGHT! It's downright SCARY how closely they resemble their former selves! Unless they're photo-shopped in some way!

At 17 Feb 2011, 16:45:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They haven't got it quite right here either, and the effect is creepy and gross.

At 17 Feb 2011, 16:52:00, Anonymous Russ said...

What an interesting idea. However, I have to agree with author of the previous quote that it is a bit creepy.

Here's my best "knock off" shot:

At 18 Feb 2011, 18:49:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a similar (earlier ?) project by French Artist Clarisse d’Arcimoles.

See her series "un-possible-retour" at

At 19 Feb 2011, 00:14:00, Blogger eolake said...

Thanks, those are cool.


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