Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Your Thieves Work for You

Making Your Thieves Work for You, article of mine from about a decade ago.

"... Unlike most bands, they did not take a dim view of pirate recordings of their concerts. They used them to their own advantage. The band went to the length of setting up a special area close to the stage where "pirate" recordings could be made in the best quality. So what happened, did the band go bankrupt because no one wanted to pay for their records now that they could get pirate recordings much cheaper? Au contraire, as the Dutch say, the band prospered because the widely distributed recordings were simply free publicity, and lots of it."

Hark at Neil Gaiman's experiences with the same: 


Bronislaus Janulis said...


Good timing, as I've been I've been in discussion about giving some of my pieces to the local museum; your thoughts and Neil G's thoughts give me reason to be far more positive about the upside of not getting any money for the work.


eolake said...