Friday, February 11, 2011

Leica M9 Titanium

Well, it sure ain't ugly!

But a $30.000 camera... how do you even take it outside?

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At 11 Feb 2011, 19:02:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to be a billionaire who grew up wealthy (rather than being self-made), so that the possibility of breaking a camera that expensive wouldn't bother you.

At 11 Feb 2011, 19:54:00, Blogger emptyspaces said...

That's a good point...not only would you have to be rich, but also grow up rich, 'cause I think we'd all still hesitate now even if our mattresses were filled with money. I might even wear little cotton gloves.

(off topic, but Eo, you're showing up on the Fake Chuck Westfall site today)

At 11 Feb 2011, 20:01:00, Blogger eolake said...

Again? LOL!

At 11 Feb 2011, 20:40:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

I always wondered if I had made an error in investing in Nikon rather than Canon! Thank God that I was just reassured on that site you just referenced, emptyspaces! Thanks! :-D

I wonder if cussing is in this dude's contract as a requirement! Makes me really think of the dude (and Company!) as "Professional"!! :-/

At 11 Feb 2011, 21:05:00, Blogger emptyspaces said...

I think he's hilarious. Canon at one point actually tried to force him to shut down, even though "fake" is clearly in the title (I'm sure he has a funny post about that somewhere). Anyway, I think it's clever satire in a lot of ways, it gets to the root of the Japan-US divide all these companies deal with on some level.

Personally, I believe the Nikon-Canon thing is a push, especially at the level you & I are invested...they both experience ebbs and flows. Right now I'd put Nikon in the lead, but these things are cyclical. Best to pick a horse & stick with it.

Another funny thing about Fake Chuck's obsession with the Eolake-LaForet similarities is that they both look like the videographer I work with. 'Tis a small world, it would seem.

At 11 Feb 2011, 23:42:00, Anonymous ttl said...

Personally, I believe the Nikon-Canon thing is a push...

It must be like the Republicans vs. Democrats duality: it's the same people pulling the strings for both, but two faces are presented so people can pick sides.

Perhaps if we were able to see the hidden parts of the organization charts of these two companies, we would find out it is one and the same company.

... the Eolake-LaForet similarities is that they both look like the videographer I work with.

It has been said that there are 500 templates for human appearances. After the Eo-LaForet-videographer template there are still 499 different looks you can choose from.

I chose a different one, but I too have seen others of the same template as me.

I've thought about creating a website that presents all 500 looks. Then if, for example, an e-mail friend wanted to know what you look like, you could just reply: “Oh, I'm a #426.”

At 12 Feb 2011, 01:32:00, Blogger emptyspaces said...

I've always thought that there is only one furniture company, at least in the U.S. There's always a furniture sale, and its always the best sale in history.

I'm a #117. But on Saturdays I can be a #245, unless I shaved on Thursday, making me a #308. With my shirt tucked in I'm a #44, and in a suit I'm a #79. It's tough to wake up feeling like #331 only to discover you've only got the clean laundry to pull off a #184.

And I definitely feel that both Republicans and Democrats are full of shit.

At 12 Feb 2011, 07:39:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

emptyspaces said...
"Best to pick a horse & stick with it."

Yup! Did that. Could always try doing what you've done, though! ;-)

"Another funny thing about Fake Chuck's obsession with the Eolake-LaForet similarities is that they both look like the videographer I work with."

Would be funny if he agreed to you taking a pic and showing us. (might even "mess" w/that 'Fake Chuck' Dude :-)

(SILLY you's, ttl & emptyspaces! :-)

At 13 Feb 2011, 12:58:00, Anonymous Andreas Weber said...

Some people routinely use MF gear in excess of $50.000 (Luminous Landscape).
My own kit when I'm out and about amounts to a measly €10.000 (approx., Nikon D3 and assorted lenses). But then I'm neither rich nor do I come from a wealthy background.
Oh, and Nikon is the right choice! ;-)

At 14 Feb 2011, 20:42:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

Andreas Weber said...
"Oh, and Nikon is the right choice! ;-)"

I'm likin' the reassurance! Thanks! I'm feeling MUCH BETTER, now! (been pondering this for some 3 or 4 years, now!) :-D


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