Saturday, February 05, 2011

Is Blogger forgotten?

I noticed that these days, when people talk about blog platforms, Blogger (Blogspot) is not even being mentioned these days. (WordPress seems to be big.) How sad, I guess that means we can't expect much more development of Blogger?

Actually, though:
If wordpress and other paid blogging platform like Movable Type are taken into consideration, Blogspot still hold the first spot with a command of 35%. Although WordPress has a mere 2% market share, they are made of mainly hardcore bloggers, which is why there are so many wordpress templates available while blogspot user has a limited choice of templates to choose from.

So Blogger is still biggest, odd how it is so invisible. Maybe I've only heard hardcore people talk.

I'm a bit confused: they say WordPress is a paid platform, but I have an old rarely-used blog on it, and I'm sure I haven't paid a dime to them. I did pay to Typepad though, when comparing platforms once, Typepad is only for pay. I would have thought this would mean it's better, but that was not clear. It's hard to compare the platforms, because they are all different and complex, it seems to me, and it takes a lot of time and work to just get a tentative overview over the usability and features of one.

To add to my confusion, this article claims a much higher marketshare for WordPress. And is different from

Sadly it seems to me that as features go up, ease of use goes down. Not exactly uncommon, I admit.


ttl said...

I'm a bit confused: they say WordPress is a paid platform...

Wordpress, the software, is free. You download it from

Wordpress, the host, does charge for their services. You sign up at

Hosting at is more limiting than having your own server. And just like with Blogger, the host has been known to cancel your blog for no good reason.

How come I, who have never had a blog, know this, but you who have been blogging for years, if not decades, do not? :-)

eolake said...

1, you're smarter than me. 2, I've been too busy blogging to investigate. :-)

eolake said...

Oh, by the way, my free blog *is* hosted by WordPress. I guess they have free levels and paid ones.

ttl said...

Yes, they have free and premium. Which blog is that?

Also, there are many other Wordpress hosts as well. Which is to be expected given that the software is free.

My advice to active Blogger users is to at least control the domain name, which is possible, i.e.

rather than

That way if they ever switch to Wordpress, or some other software, the domain name doesn't have to change.

eolake said...

Yeah, I know, I never bothered with it yet though.

The blog is CopenhagenBlonde. Warning: sexually explicit.

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

I used Google's blogspot for my own little blog, , but have had major problems in uploading photos for the past several months. In frustration, I recently changed from Google's Dashboard editor to the latest version of Windows Live Writer. I'm very impressed with Live Writer.

ttl said...

The blog is CopenhagenBlonde. Warning: sexually explicit.

I went there. Humans without clothes!?! Strange.

eolake said...

I know. Shocking.

ttl said...

Must have been a mistake. I hope someone fixes it before the subjects find out!