Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Strange Angels

"They say that Heaven 
is like TV 
a perfect little world 
that doesn't really need you 
and everything there 
is made of light." 
- Laurie Anderson, Strange Angels

To my taste, Strange Angels (the album) is the best collection Laurie Anderson has made. It has so many wonderful melodies.

I think her only hit was Oh Superman, though:

What a wonderful face she has.
Not to mention a genius mind.
(I admit that much of her work seems inaccessible to me.)

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Alex said...

Don't forget she did guest vocals on Jean Michel Jarres Zoolook, and she and Peter Gabriel worked together on Excellent Birds, the track appearing both on his "So" and her "Mister Heartbreak". So her big exposure is probably more so there than with "Superman", which did chart in the UK.

I'm starting to enjoy the tracks Pandora is serving me from "Big Science", probably the next of her albums I'll buy.

I started with "Mister Heartbreak", then "Bright Red" before buying "Strange Angels" and "Life on a String" together. I think I prefer some tracks on Life on a String, but overall as an album "Strange Angels" is easier to listen to end to end.