Tuesday, December 07, 2010

David Hockney's Pixelated Period

[Thanks to Beth]

David Hockney's Pixelated Period, article.
Hockney uses the paint app Brushes on iPhone and iPad.

"On the iPhone I tended to draw with my thumb," he says. "Whereas the moment I got to the iPad, I found myself using every finger."
And he really gets into it, reports curator Charlie Scheips.
"He says he sometimes gets so obsessed that when he's going, he rubs his finger on his clothes to, like, clean his finger — as if he was using real paint."

The exhibition, perhaps even more surprisingly, is not prints, but is all on 20 iPad screens and 20 iPhone screens. Huh. Wonder if you can buy 'em.


TC [Girl] said...

Beautiful, vibrant colors. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mediocre at best. Much better iPhone/iPad artists can be found easily elsewhere on the web. He simply jumps on the iWhatever bandwagon. Don't confuse fame with quality.